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I was fired last week, am moving again soon, and my some family members have told my new brother in law that he is going to hell. Therefore they have been deleted off my facebook.

More later...Maybe

Quick post...

It's cooler over here, finally, someone else has a problem with Jim now. Which makes sense since they argue once a week. I need some new music goddamnit!

Family time!

The celebration of my birthday continues, I'm going to spend the day with my sister and soon to be brother in law. I'm gonna eat more cake now. Have a great night everyone!

Being 28 is not such a bad thing.

More later....

28th year on earth

The celebration doesn't begin till tomorrow. I have been more calm, and I don't know why. But I do know that I need about 500 stiff drinks! I don't do calm for long, look out world.

The day is approaching

Work, nuff said.

Borrowed time...

Laptop is getting fixed, I have been controlling my anger, but I need a drink. Is cooler weather finally fucking here?


Not much, real busy with work and I love to stir up shit!


I am really pissed about this MP3 player issue, however I do have an extra one lying around somewhere. Less memory though, I need to fucking cut my hair, change the cat litter and then clean. Some fun saturday, and some time soon I will be getting counseling and I am not to sure what to think about it.

No Payday!

I need a new Mp3 player mine is stuck with 800-900 fucking songs. Tomorrow should be fun, I wasn't yelling at Jim this morning this time. LOL more later!